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MD5: 642eca364e64b0074e5ad49f86627ac5
SHA-1: 6fce1df8842ec590c460ef4b9e40c936ff924bd9
SHA-256: 703f15a334a85b0a8116c91e07220a52d541fd965b92e9547cf3976b834a8326
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MD5: 694ac0d0775200adb41027b725255250
SHA-1: c12309c4a9f0ee79c56021a2e0d9ca8466505565
SHA-256: e7b620ba4298a6c168baf28bd1c3d44325323cd54cbe7494e6048d9dfc12987b

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 28 Mar 2012 at 19:17 UTC
Last updated: 28 Mar 2012 at 23:40 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

See the Security Advisory SA-CONTRIB-2012-054 - Chaos tool suite - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) for details.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc2:

  • by swentel: User signature could contain unsafe user input code.
  • #1504348 by litwol: Allow ctools-use-modal on "area" tag.
  • Add a trailing .
  • #1506654 by EdgarPE: Fix typo.
  • #1498276 by swentel, damiankloip: ctools-exportdoesn't remove files
  • #1503408 by gumanist: Cleanup some more.
  • #1355644 by daffie: ctools specific AJAX commands should add their javascript so you do not have to.
  • #1499602 by geerlingguy: Minor doc cleanup.
  • #1371700: CTools adds cached plugins with wrongpaths during hook_registry_files_alter() in multisite systems
  • #710068 by neochief: Convert a static to drupal_static so that the schema cache can be cleared.
  • #1294546 by tim.plunkett: Revert a change of the argument name for User being edited.
  • #1447400 by yched: More memory friendly way to find all fields as panes.
  • Update API version to 2.0.6
  • #1284738 Context pane with arguments and exposed filters doesn't work
  • Refactored _drush_ctools_selection_screen slightly to use _drush_ctools_export_info function to get exportables, Added --no-colour option to ctools-export-view
  • #1494938 by dawehner: Allow pow and exp in the math expression.
  • No penguins were harmed in the generation of this code.
  • Removed --format option from export view as it made no sense, Code tidy to pass coder review
  • Wording changes in ctools_drush_command, typo fix, Added more tests to bashscript
  • Added module default to form state in bulk_export.module
  • Refactored op commands to use one central function
  • Minor code tidy
  • Fixed info filtering returning table name on no results, added colour to info objects
  • Added new tests in to include export command
  • Merge code from [#1413454] by swentel, Fixed this patch not working with export all option
  • Fixed exportable selection logic/error handling for invalid table name and objects
  • Tidy of shellColour class
  • Added shellColours class to format colour of output to the shell
  • Fixed export-view output, fixed show in database filter on export info
  • Added ctool-export-info filters for database only and enabled only exportables
  • Added helper functions to check object statuses
  • Fixed ctools-export-view command functions, modified test script
  • Added to tests dir
  • Added ctools-export-view command, Other minor code tweaks
  • Additional comments
  • Refactoring of crud logic/op functions
  • Wrapped strings in dt(), added shell test script to tests/
  • Small code tidy
  • Added ctools-export-enable command
  • Added ctools-export-disable command
  • Added ctools-export-revert command (related issue - [#1084062]), Other code tweaks
  • Added hook_drush_help() Implementation to provide basic drush metadata
  • #930952 by nagiek: Added an actions wrapper on form wizard buttons.
  • #1488888 by tim.plunkett, jherencia: Remove call to the recently removed _ctools_get_block_info().
  • #1471650: View panes can only use first context.


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