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MD5: 0f4414b7b5f3b7cb487802b69d79bebc
SHA-1: 4342202a27c2a9ef73a6515c6a4e46ad8fba37f1
SHA-256: 38dafb61c139c747c398094b7ee1c7c921156156bfe3fd9e789058679a6a1612
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MD5: 49a53946c174b09b23b40cbae6ab50f5
SHA-1: 98710b9b401609fa831d80652fa3416c0cbc9278
SHA-256: 75b17426780fe13e9c137741852e5bf18903a282885c531bc86cd455605e3b9c

Release info

Created by: Grayside
Created on: 28 Mar 2012 at 18:07 UTC
Last updated: 28 Mar 2012 at 20:30 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Fix for SA-CONTRIB-2012-053 - Organic Groups - Access Bypass


  • Tweaks to the OG Subscription workflow to better respect the difference between Open and Moderated group subscription. Also, themable with theme_og_subscribe_link()!
  • New Views handlers: Filtering users by group, filter and sort by group description.
  • Performance enhancement for sites using Spaces, or other modules that help determine group context.


  • API defaults improvement.
  • #1412678 by drumm | xjm: Fixed User profile items should be user_profile_item().
  • #1468422 by krueschi: Fixed Typo in README.txt.
  • #1055508 by Grayside: Added Better UI for Moderated Group Pending Membership.
  • #1264752 by hefox: Added Use db_rewrite_sql() on user listing queries.
  • #1432016 by goron: Added Make og_subscribe_link() themable.
  • #1288184: Correct syntax errors in action add member watchdog.
  • #1051258 by mikestefff: Add form widget labels to the 'add subscription' form.
  • #1288184: Correcting variable initialization mismatch.
  • #1288184 by Grayside, hefox: Fixed og_subscribe_user_action() tries re-adding user to group; user loses is_admin() and any other subscription info.
  • #405546 by msonnabaum, ariflukito, bschilt, jeffschuler: Added ability to filter users by group.
  • #1169196 by jeffschuler: Add table description for og_ancestry().
  • #978328 by glennpratt and Grayside: Added og_subscribe_user() doesn't return message when admin add user to invite only group.
  • #1430932 by Grayside: Disable OG Language Tests.
  • #333549 by ztyx and Grayside: Fixed README.txt using line wrapping.
  • #1168078 by Grayside and lalit774: Fixed warning undefined max_number().
  • #1220458 by lefnire: Fixed Member Count field doesn't use relationship.
  • #1429626 by Grayside: Exclude Group Search block if search.module disabled.
  • #1341950 by Grayside and Reinette: Fixed Group search disappeared after Views 6.x-2.16 update.
  • #347637 by Amitaibu, grzegorz.bartman, and Grayside: Fixed Exposed filter can't work with og_ghp_ron().
  • Fixed spelling and spacing in OG Views.
  • #411286 by Grayside | Amitaibu: Fixed og_ghp_ron() overrides View access.
  • #782148 by cfennell, Grayside: Fixed og_subscribe() grammar nit: 'member of the group' not 'member the group'.
  • #1404790 by Grayside: Doxygen comments for og.module.
  • #1413312 by Grayside | tubby: Fixed Cannot Access Empty Property Error After Upgrade.
  • #1281762 by izmeez: Fixed og do not collapse required audience on create new content.
  • #793588 by msonnabaum and pdrake: Add an index on the uid column of og_uid table
  • #669530 by christianchristensen, dereine, and Grayside: Allow Views filter & sorting on group description.
  • #1189914 by hefox: Do not determine group context if something has already set it.


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