the same issue for D7 should be fixed by the same code but with another path condition:

if (arg(0) == 'admin' && arg(1) == 'structure' && arg(2) == 'pages' && module_exists('bueditor')) {
  $bue_id = 1;//your editor's id
  $bue_setting['BUE']['preset']['edit-body'] = "e$bue_id";
  drupal_add_js($bue_setting, 'setting');
  drupal_set_html_head('.bue-popup{z-index: 1001 !important}');


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Category: bug » feature
Priority: Critical » Normal
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I added this code to my template.php.
This didn't help.
Still, I can't use BUEditor in Panel's custom content page.
Is there some other fix?

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You should use this code only in hook_init(), not in template.php.

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I'm confused about where this code is intended to be placed. I'm surprised there isn't more information on this available. Panels seem to be very popular and BUEditor is a strong contender for editor (see: d.o). How is it that the default overlay continues to break BUEditor due to z-index issues?