It seems a closure tree storage could be simpler than a nested set storage like the one currently used.

Attached is a standalone module implementing this type of storage, hopefully pluggable into this module, as I haven't yet had time to understand the structure of all the files involved in the current module implementation.

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Title: Closure Tree storage » Closure Table Tree storage

incomplete title!

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first: damien thanks for hacking this together!!

then a big +1 for this issue.

if someone wants to come the conclusion themself that closuretable is a stron implementation see the links in #277312-9: Propose your change to taxonomy module in core

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Better version coming hopefully this week: it already includes two fixes over the previous one, preventing illegal moves (node to one of its children) and illegal adds (multiple roots).

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Status: Active » Needs work
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Better version, now with some integrity tests and start of a test suite.

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* chx has an interesting storage optimization in Entity Tree.
* Could it be made into a pluggable backend for this patch?
* #1669052: Port to a backend storage mechanism for Entity Reference's Tree plugin would be a better place to discuss.
* This entity_tree presentation he posted in #28480: Create generalized relationship module explains it very well.