Last updated 27 March 2012. Created on 27 March 2012.
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For update the module from the sandbox version follow this steps:

  1. Update to the latest sandbox version. (It's undocumented, but probably run the update.php is enough, if necessary).
  2. Disable the sandbox module, then delete it. (Don't uninstall it!)
  3. Enable the 7.x-1.0-unstable1 version of the 'mcc' module.
  4. Copy the data from the 'mailchimp_campaign_node_campaigns' database table to 'mcc_node_campaigns' table. (Probably the best way is dump the table, substitute the table names, and import the data.)
  5. If there is a newer version of 'mcc' module, after this steps you can update on the usual way.

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