The has features integration and it would straight forward to integrate it in the recruiter_features module. Here is a starter patch against the recruiter_job feature.

recruiter_features_schema.org_.patch2.38 KBscor
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hi scor,

thanks a lot! we are definitely looking foward to providing recruiter jobs in a semantic way.

your patch seems like a good starting point to me. most importantly we would like to keep extra dependencies out of recruiter_features core modules, therefore, i'd suggest doing this in a separate feature like recruiter_job_schemaorg or just recruiter_schemaorg where resumes might be mapped as well.

recently & related - i've experimented with the microdata module, too: #1495752: Using to publish jobs in a semantic way. but until #1415412: Make microdata mappings exportable we can't really rely on this.

we will have a deeper look into it but feel free to improve the patch if you have time available.

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