I just put the recaptcha module on my site.

I have no problems with the display or anything like that, but I can't actually get the API server to verify the captcha.

I have tried making sure the servers addresses are ok, and I think they are. I am also sure that my keys are ok too. I keep getting an error that simply says " Could not open socket". I assume that means that I cannot connect with the API.

If someone could please let me know what I could do to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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Head over to admin/settings/captcha/recaptcha and varify that the server settings are correct. Worse comes to worse, try clicking on Reset to Defaults and then put in your keys again. If that doesn't help, I'm not quite sure what's going on. It might be worth looking at implementing something that rollsback to a different CAPTCHA setting if it isn't found.

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Had the exact same issue. Generated a new set of keys and now it works. Go figure.

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I'm setting this to fixed. If you're still having troubles, make a new issue.

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You are running recaptcha on localhost? The problem is that you don't have a SMTP server running in background.