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XSPF playlist

Aaron Winborn is a co-maintainer of this module

XSPF Playlist generates a playlist file in the standard XSPF format from files that are attached to a piece of content. XSPF files are used by audio and video players to present playlists. The module was designed for Jeroen Wijering's flash player, though it should work with other flash players. The administrative interface allows the administrator to select what node types it works on, choose a default thumbnail file to use, and configure support for CCK fields. The module supports multiple file types (audio, video, flash).

For documentation on setup and developer usage, see the project's handbook page.

Important note: If you're using the DRUPAL-6--2 branch of this module, note that the code base is entirely different than earlier versions, and there is currently no upgrade path between the two. It's been refactored to integrate more fully with Views, offers integration with Embedded Media Field (for instance to support YouTube videos), and lots of other goodies. One thing you'll note is that there's no longer an XSPF Playlist Node module; you'll need to custom build your views now.

This module is partially supported by CivicActions.

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