Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

A sandbox for working on the entity API for Drupal 8 core.

See related meta issues:
#1346204: [meta] Drupal 8 Entity API improvements
#1346214: [meta] Unified Entity Field API

Get in touch with fago if you need access!

Development guidelines

  1. Branches
    • entity/entity-[topic]-base: Upstream tracking 8.x branch of Drupal core for a particular topic/feature branch.

      Each topic branch MUST use a separate and corresponding -base branch, so each topic branch can be diffed against its relative 8.x base.

      To create or update a base branch:

      git push entity 8.x:entity-topic-base
    • entity/entity-[topic]-[issue]-[username]: Topic/feature branches under development per user.

      Based on the respective topic base branch, or the branch of another user.

    • origin/*: Your regular upstream Drupal core branches.

    See all current branches and current status and updates.

  2. Always commit atomic changes

    Do not change X different things in a single commit. Commit early, commit often.

    Commit atomic change-sets. Touching 10 files for a particular change is OK. Touching 10 files for 2-10 different changes is absurd. Exception: Coding style, documentation, and comment clean-ups/fixes.

  3. Provide proper credit

    When applying a patch from someone else, attribute the author by using the --author option:

    git commit --author="sun <sun@54136.no-reply.drupal.org>"

    The Git attribution option is exposed on each user's profile page (example).

  4. Write proper commit messages

    Entity branches may be merged into Drupal core. Each commit message should make sense when being looked at in a partial context; e.g., when only looking at the file history of foo.module. Don't do this. Follow the general commit message guidelines as much as possible.

Developer setup

Please have a look at the guidelines over at sun's platform sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/sun/1255586

Project information