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Last updated: March 23, 2012 - 21:25

Release notes

After many years of planning, patches, testing, and effort, the Media module has now finally reached a stable 1.0 release. This work would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire Drupal Media team and especially its founder, Aaron Winborn, whose drive and passion has inspired us all.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc3:

  • Mark the media field type as deprecated.
  • #1142630: Fixed media_fid_illegal_value error should not happen when adding valid local file in a field. Also adds a proper error message when an invalid file is used.
  • #1492294: Fixed untranslated form title string in media_admin_config_browser().
  • #1238772 by Dave Reid, amateescu, aaron, becw: Show a form error on the WYSIWYG configuration page if the Media browser button is checked but the Media filter is not enabled for the configuration's text format.
  • #1382150 by Dave Reid, temaruk: Added hook_media_token_to_markup_alter().
  • #1407088: Add media_hook_info() to support off-loading media-related hooks into files.
  • #1448460: Fixed views relationship integration for media fields.
  • #1426820 by mikeytown2, David_Rothstein, Dave Reid: Fixed fatal exception EntityMalformedException and notices if a media field value references an invalid file ID.
  • Fixed display of broken images in WYSIWYG.
  • #1134762: Added support for weba and webm file extensions.
  • #1317228: Added example of import pattern.
  • #1056718 by rszrama, Dave Reid: Fixed the display of admin/content/media and admin/content/media/thumbnails if there are no media files to show.
  • Fixed PHP notices when trying to display empty image files with file_entity_file_formatter_file_image_view().
  • Add button-yes and button-no to help style the media link buttons on rubik. Requires #1418412.
  • Cleaned up install file.
  • #1365888: Use the module version from as the version for the media libraries.
  • #1141374 by Krasnyj, Dave Reid, gollyg | james.elliott: Fixed PHP notices due to media_field_formatter_view() not re-casting the file array back to an object.
  • #1415466 by MickeA, Dave Reid: Change maximum length on allowed file extensions on file and media fields to 255 characters to allow more input.
  • Cleaned up and prevent XSS in form error messages.
  • #1321600 by bradjones1, davidseth: Integrate the media field type with the Entity API.
  • #1364676: Fixed files uploaded into a 'null' directory.
  • #1405570: Added oga and ogv to the default list of allowed file extensions.
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