One of the main pain points with strings can be having to locate the example string. Let's say I have a journalist site and I use "News" a lot.

There may be some instances of "News" that are internal- "Create News Post" for example. On a very large site there could be many strings with the same word with the potential to cause confusion and spend time.

One idea to improve this would be to add some sort of flagging functionality where all the "favorite" strings that are the most high priority to translate show up.

For example there may be 20 strings on the homepage of site that will be key for it to be translated, but it may be tricky to track them down for the localizers. If there was some way of "reporting" strings as THE priority or homepage one- this would contribute to more active time usage for busy people who may not be able to translate the entire site, but would then have a way to target key strings.


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I think we could extend l10n_client indeed to store this information as it goes along the site, if we know if the current page is front end or backend. Then use that info later to inform people on what we learned. It cannot really be figured out from the code, it is all in how it is being used. I don't promise on working this anytime soon, but I aprove it is a great idea :) And an often requested one even.