If i try to upload an image with special characters (ñ for example) it works well but if i try to add an image using "web" tab it shows an error:

"Unable to handle the provided embed string or URL."

¿Transliterate doens't work with media_internet?


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I have been able to add remote images with special characters such as é or ö using Media on a number of different platforms (Mac/Windows/Linux).

The "Unable to handle the provided embed string or URL" is usually caused by having an incorrect file URL or not having a media provider installed for the type of file you are trying to add.

Can you provide a link to a file you are trying to add?

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Title: Transliteration and media_internet » URLs with UTF8 characters not supported in media_internet

This seems to be a duplicate of #1042246: valid_url() rejects utf8 URLs which is a bug in core that does not support special characters in URLs. I would love to see it fixed in D8 and backported to D7 as well. We also may need to URL encode special characters before calling valid_url() so I'm not closing this issue.

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Thanks Dave,

i need it for a Wordpress to Drupal migration...maybe i'll change before the name manually (about 50 files)