Under admin/store/settings/orders/fields I´ve added an extra Taxonomy select field. (where do you know us from)

How do I get this to show now in uebercart (/admin/store/settings/orders) ? or do I need an extra module for this?


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Title: admin/store/settings/orders/fields » Show custom order fields on order view and checkout pages
Category: support » feature

At the moment these fields only show up on the order edit page. Ideally we should also show them on the order view and (optionally) the checkout page, but that's not implemented yet.

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Longwave ... is there a possible work aorund for adding a simple dropdown Taxonomy field into the order process?

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Version: 7.x-3.0 » 7.x-3.x-dev

Feature requests should be made against HEAD.

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Is this a matter of making those pages themable? Didn't a recent patch do at least some of that?

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any news?

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Priority: Normal » Critical
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Priority: Critical » Normal

If it's critical for you, you are welcome to work on this issue and contribute the code to implement this feature, or sponsor someone to do it for you. That's how open source works.