I am looking for a simple easy-to-use event/course signup and PayPal payment module (pay for event/course) for Drupal 7.

Uebercart is not being developed for Drupal 7 as are some of the signup modules. Other signup modules do not integrate PayPal payment.

Any quick tips appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Not sure why you think ubercart isn't being developed for d7-- there's already an official release d7 release. The the uc_node_checkout module has a dev snapshot you can try. Otherwise take a look at the commerce or lm_paypal modules.

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this module is not being developed for Drupal 7 according to the web page.


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Here is the concept I have:

Already setup Enitity registration module. There is a button "Register & pay" on each node. When clicked, user gets registered for the event but the registration state stays in the "pending" mode until confirmed (the user has to pay for registration via PayPal first).

Now the second step is to implement redirection to PayPal just after the user clicks "Register & pay". For this purpose I wanna use Rules module and implement "After Registration" event (relates to Enitity registration module), however I'm unsure how I can extract parameters (Node title, Price...) from the current node since Rules are not offering tokens related to node fields). To preform the Action I wanna use PHP.

Any suggestions? Thx!

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jmkaep - I'm interested in learning what you ended up using for this? Can you share your approach?


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I've been recommended to use the Commerce module, but am running into major problems trying to set it up on my preexisting site. I don't need an extensive system as for an online store, just an event registration tied to a payment system like Paypal.

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Same here...

Thanks for sharing any aproach