TinyMCE ships with tables being used to render the buttons which helps to make clean rows and allows for the hiding/showing row functionality that Panopoly wants. However, WYSIWYG module overwrites the markup and this patch will roll that back. However, this can cause issues in IE and will break certain layouts. Ideally, the WYSIWYG code can be rewritten to include classes that can be used to do row toggling/presentation without relying on table styles.

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The solution here is likely to be complicated, but something like this should solve:

1.) Modify the WYSIWYG module to provide a row class that can go on the wrapper of each button. This would mean if a button is in row 3 it would have a class like wysiwyg-row-three.

2.) Modify the PDW plugin in Panopoly WYSIWYG to make the "toggle" functionality condition on those classes, instead of the TR tag it currently uses.

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I pushed up some basic CSS improvements to make TinyMCE look OK in IE9. This issue would be nice to address since it can help us run a mainline WYSIWYG module, but its not as bad as it once was.

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Lets postpone this till later

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Rerolled this to work with 7.x-2.x latest - I know its a band aid but some may want to use the latest WYSIWYG dev?

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Attaching patch for latest dev of WYSIWYG.