When I update a page, (or many other content types) the yellow Drupal $messages variable reads, "Page Lastname, Firstame Profile has been updated."

That is because Automatic Nodetitles is following this token pattern:
[field_er_lname-formatted], [field_er_fname-formatted] Profile

Also, I send emails (using Rules) each time certain content types are created. The same problem appears when I use [node:title]. It sends the "Lastname, Firstname Profile" of the node's creator instead of the title - it's like it's overwritten somewhere.

So for instance, I make a new Calendar Event with the title "Web Team Meeting" and click Save. The Drupal message will say "Calendar Event Purvis, Mike Profile was created". With one of our users, it actually replaces the alias. So instead of node/web-team-meeting it becomes node/lastname-firstname-profile

After hours of searching, I cannot find an answer.

I've attached a small screenshot:
(Can't seem to attach images when I edit this)

It doesn't seem to make a difference if I select/deselect Content Profile Tokens.
I've confirmed that the $messages variable is outputting in the template like it's supposed to.

I am running the latest version of Drupal 6.25, with PathAuto, Content Profile, Automatic Nodetitles up to date.