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MD5: 791167a47cea014fad9018c93376aa88
SHA-1: 90f9af1ee0bf301f50390e7ccfaa07f6e44421fc
SHA-256: 5ee308f80be81fa4f0c0ea177897ef27e422d13149763f7299699bb4dbf6c5ea
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MD5: ea9ed1cbced00c1bd64d65f7f816c740
SHA-1: 01fc8fc24a6d391860e06657bb739475678a4f75
SHA-256: ae1c1ff2f92d40988d83e3677864a557716df9471f84c2cce1c104a9fc8a2900
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/ctools:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 17 Mar 2012 at 20:54 UTC
Last updated: 17 Mar 2012 at 20:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

  • #1275886 by tim.plunkett and others: More fixes with block.module.
  • #1253054 by markusbroman, BJ____ and fabsor: Make terms from node respect vocabulary filter.
  • #1470264 by casey: Create an action links content type to go with other local tasks.
  • #1294546 by Letharion: Really fix user form context to handle form and entity fields.
  • #1324238 by nod_, soulston, rlmumford and others: Rewrite auto-submit.js
  • #1468040 by damienkloip: More drush goodness!
  • #1252398 by dixon_: Allow block content types to work without block.module enabled.
  • #1437084 by spotzero: Fix query to fetch terms.
  • #1306464 by jackbravo: Clean up ctools plugin example code.
  • #1451638 by Xen: Ensure modal form works for rebuild.
  • #1452102 by tim.plunkett: Fix notices in field helper functions.
  • #1300666 by zabelc and DamienMcKenna: Fix notice in term breadcrumb.
  • #1444598 by Nick Lewis: Set canonical node path like core does.
  • #1444006 by kotnik: Removed disallowed Unicode code point.
  • #1434772: Support for rendering user login block when used as a pane.
  • #1396812 by MiSc: Improve advanced help
  • #1429744 by das-peter: Handle taxonomy terms as entities.
  • #1429340 by gary4gar: Fix missing ; in ajax sample js
  • #1424946 by Letharion: Add an access plugin to test node published status.
  • #1424894: Fix notice in entity field extra content type.
  • #1416722 by logaritmisk: simple cache plugin should include object cache.
  • #1413380 by swentel and jyve: More updates to bulk export UI.
  • #1406796 by paranojik: Update use of strlen and similar to multibyte safe drupal_ calls.
  • #1360956: Fix inline delimited in terms list
  • #1371700 by juampy: Check file paths before caching them for plugins.
  • #1300476 by Peter Bex: Fix field access plugin to not chop strings.
  • #1377332 by pandaeskimo: Properly attach .js files as library rather than directly.
  • #1087408 by swentel: Prevent errors when modules create race conditions during .install.
  • #1409444 by Matt-H: db_decode_blob() is no longer in Drupal 7.
  • #1233424 by ramlev: Fix hardcoded date formats.
  • #1394124 by helior and fabsor: Properly reference foreign keys (fixes entityreference relationships)
  • #1468928 by dead_arm: Fix notice for custom content when variant has no context.
  • #1419762 by gnuget: Missing module property in bulk export.
  • #1469768 by populist: Fix dropbutton positioning issue in overlay.
  • #1444716: Allow content subtypes to be altered.
  • #1444728 by populist: Allow $view to be available in $form_state during view pane panel config form.
  • Revert Issue #1371700
  • #1398780 by Letharion: CTools using wrong method to determine default filter format.
  • #1377332 by Berdir: CTools using add_js not add_library.
  • #1319872 by das-peter: Improve ctools page token callback handling.
  • #1385772 followup by swentel: Fix notices created by two patches together.
  • #1353384 by das-peter: Allow the views row content pane to display all rows.
  • #1411610: Page tabs pane can render even if empty.
  • #1165546: Fix notice issue with missing #title in entity field content type.
  • #972928 by pwolanin, joachim and George Petsagourakis: Document hook_ctools_plugin_type()
  • #1368540: Prevent double encoding of jump menu URLs.
  • #1149778 by jonathan1055: Properly allow node pane titles to link to the node.
  • #1371700 by juampy: Ensure plugin files exist before including them in case they moved but caches were not cleared.
  • #1369082 by jhedstrom: Do not let unitialized $version cause plugin api to allow plugin api versions that are not set to show up.
  • #1303024 by devuo: Fix tokens for input on pane config.
  • #1331694 by swentel: Use vertical tabs to improve UX of bulk export.
  • #1179204 by Amitaibu: Custom content should not try to look in the database if the module that puts custom content in the database does not exist.
  • #1385772 by swentel: A Christmas present from swentel, allowing drush to export an entire module based upon bulk export with proper directory structures and everything.
  • #1352612 by MickeA: Fix notice when adding path separately on node add/edit form.
  • #1154402 by aaronbauman: Prevent view context crash when fields are removed from a view but pane is not updated.
  • #1377518 by fago: Add support for "Extra fields" so they can be used just like field api fields.
  • #1373048 by cpliakas: Implement a redirect method instead of straight drupal_goto in export ui.
  • #1373314 by brianV: Remove no longer valid comment about #required being unusable on wizards.
  • #1183234 by EclipseGc: Add
  • #1363926 by swentel: CTools bulk export should use the crud function instead of ctools_export_load_object to ensure that exportables overriding the crud loader continue to work.
  • #1359630 by tim.plunkett: Add documentation for hook_ctools_render_alter()
  • #1355112 by tim.plunkett: Prevent AJAX 200 error on notice in term_has_parent.
  • #1346040 by emattias: Add a destination to contextual links in Page Manager.
  • #1348214 by Cyberwolf: More precise field identifiers on relationships.
  • #1347578 by Dave Reid: Allow modal to have other close buttons inside the modal.
  • #1351892 by das-peter: Fix not-upgraded use of taxonomy_get_tree().
  • #1343142 by DamienMcKenna: Temporary workaround to make sure apachesolr search results work.
  • #1315046 by amateescu: Add get fields by type function; increase API version to compensate.
  • #1300954: Make sure plugin and export files are loaded for export ui form callbacks.
  • #1294180 by aaronbauman: Incorrectly displaying link to login to create comments when comments are disabled.
  • Revert incorrect portion of previous commit.
  • #1282140 by jenlampton: Add an access plugin to test front page status.
  • Permission improvement on contextual link test.
  • #1369852: node_view task needs to do a drupal_set_title or the node title will get lost.
  • Improvements to contextual links so that task handlers can have better control over them.
  • Require views_content to tell Views not to register theme functions for its plugins that do not use them.
  • #1314682by Pedro Lozano: Fix user_picture.
  • #1289722 by andypost: Allow menu primary/secondary link panes to have titles.
  • #1302520 by logaritmisk: Make multiple conditions in ctools_export_load_object the same between in database and in code.
  • #1235140 by klonos: collapsible div should prevent clicks from bubbling through when open/closing.
  • #1294546 by pcambra: User edit page does not correctly have user context.
  • #755988: Remove notice for anonymous users on form contexts.
  • #1395628 by helior: node_add form should provide a node, not just a type.
  • #1290722 by pcambra: drupal_render() user edit form to prevent drupal_set_message delays.
  • #1289848 by Amitaibu: Context create entity could fail without a label.
  • #1288746 by dereine: Allow modal close with escape.
  • #1287962 by willvincent: Allow an alter hook for search terms.
  • #1280582 by Damien Tournoud: The collapsible div handler should be hidden with javascript disabled.
  • #1103058 by Damien Tournoud: More fixes for jump menu without javascript.
  • #1256878 by mstrelan: Fix format of query strings in http response variant.
  • #1275886 by jherencia: Make sure to return something for block_view_alter purposes so i18n integration works properly.
  • #1339084 by ericduran: Make exported code follow code style conventions.
  • #1354010 by tim.plunkett: Allow taxonomy argument to convert dashes to spaces in lieu of a proper solution.
  • #1371180 by jec006: Add "export_module" key even if overridden by database.
  • #1315884 by EclipseGc: Fix typo causing entity child plugins to cross-contaminate.
  • #1226034 by arnested: Run form pre_render code to ensure that modules such as field group work with edit contexts.
  • #1263896 by setvik: Content allowing optional contexts could be fooled by name changing fallback code and get the wrong context assigned.
  • #1274066 by andypost: Selection rule "Term has parents" not working.
  • #1309282 by andypost: Fix typo causing taxonomy term parents relationship to not show up.
  • #1328960 by jweowu: Fix not upgraded instances of theme("item_list").
  • #1277700 by Hydra: Fix typ in
  • #1234618 by swentel and John Morahan: Allow controlling which deltas of a multi-value field api field are displayed in a pane.
  • #1300476 by EclipseGc, stevector and droath: Access plugin to test the value of entity fields. A very needed improvement to entity/field support!!
  • plugin export should include schama export information.
  • Merge branch 'addressable' into 7.x-1.x
  • Add validation and access checking to addressable content.
  • #1236066: Create entity by ID does not store entity properly because of misuse of reserved "id" conf value.
  • #1301020: Child plugins multiplying in required contexts.
  • Fix user profile to properly utilize build modes.
  • #1167938: A fubar caused body to be saved incorrectly when creating custom content from the "add pane" dialog.
  • Ensure required wizard files are put in form state so it won't die completely during form caching.
  • Revert #1300464 which breaks field_invoke on new entity objects.
  • Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.x
  • #1329776 updating the context display plugin to work with the new link_url feature committed to views 3.x in #564106
  • Remove accidental dsm
  • #1301660: Vocabulary context was not properly updated to new entity context.
  • Use proper row index value.
  • Correct arguments for addressable
  • Initial attempt at an addressable content.
  • Fix notice in unpack object when fields from database contain database NULL.
  • #1300464 by EclipseGc: update ctools_field_invoke_field() to handle non-entities masquerading as entities.
  • #1292550 by EclipseGc: initialize views pager in views_row content_type plugin administration before calculating items per page to guarantee proper settings.
  • Forgot to save API.txt.
  • Add tools to help invoke field api hooks on single fields.
  • Remove accidentally left in debug message.
  • #1105420 by davereid: Remove extraneous messages div in modals.
  • #1263480: Provide saner delegation from deprecated contexts to new ones.
  • #1285062 by mh86: Plugins reset not actually resetting plugins.
  • #1217596: Page Manager uses wrong method to fetch title when listing handlers for export.
  • resetting context style view results with array_values() to prevent non-row-indexed results #1279586
  • #1241170: ctools_context_get_defaults() badly non-functional, needed some redo.
  • Revert "Issue #1229320 by jdleonard: Allow entities with non numeric primary keys to function."
  • #1229320 by jdleonard: Allow entities with non numeric primary keys to function.
  • #1251474 by DamienMcKenna: Fix notice in http response.
  • #1246720 by Crell: Suppert user view modes.
  • #1245348 by kanani: Replace drupal_install_modules with module_enable.
  • #1243686 by das-peter: Add static caching to entity from context relationship children.
  • #1243540 by das-peter: Static caching of entity field content types.
  • #1242632 by fgm: Incorrect assigment to $file in ctools_plugin_api_include
  • #1242542: by arnested: Generated code indents improperly.
  • #1240046 by davidwhthomas: Do not show view_pane empty argument value in admin view content.
  • #1235866 by Dave Reid: use comment_get_thread() instead of duplicating it.
  • #1234396 by fubhy: Validate export key instead of hardcoded name.
  • #1227952 by Amitaibu: Use renderable arrays for content types where applicable.
  • #1184168 by entrigan: Allow override of user/%/edit
  • #1234010 by das-peter: Fix typo in ctools_var_export.
  • #1234022: ctools/css can't be deleted.
  • #1168272: Retool to support block_list_alter and thus things like i18n block translation.
  • #1199182: Allow views context style to both use groups and row classes.
  • #1265560 by davereid: Add ctools_export_crud_load_multiple() call.
  • #1265588: Coding standard update
  • #1235218: Restore "node" keyword to node add/edit forms so they can act like node contexts again.


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