I have installed this module which has brought down the loading speed of my site to half and boosted the Y-slow grade to B.
But i am getting grade F in compression of component with gzip. I have enabled the feature from the configuration page yet I am getting the same issue. I have also enabled to generate .htaccess file.
Please assist me where I am going wrong, or if have to do something more.
Currently my site is on my localhost on XAMPP and will soon be hosted on external server.

Found similar issue #1421140: gzip static js/css files isn't loaded but on different version of module.


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You can try web-root level htaccess rules

Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Thanks for the information. I have copied all two code blocks in .htaccess file, but .gz files are still not served. I can see that the files are created in directory path. I regret being such a noob, please help me here.

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I am using firefox aurora (latest version) and google chrome (latest version) to check if the css and js gzip are loaded (reading from the page source).

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Do clean URLs work on your setup?

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I have already enabled Clean URL for the site.

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To you have a URL that I can hit so I can take a peek at the headers?

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I have run into this issue. AdvAgg 6.x-1.9 with Drupal 6.20 on Apache.
Modified .htaccess as requested in readme, I can see that .gz files are being generated.

But they are not served to the client.

If you want, please take a look: http://www.doman.com.pl/

Thanks for any help

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After changing hosting environment to the one with PHP 5.4 everything seems to be working fine.

I suspect mod_header wasn't enabled before in Apache.

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Same problem, gzip files made but the pages still include the unzipped versions. mod_headers is loaded and phpis versions 5.3.3

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Had same problem, I was testing behind a firewall (ISA) in our company, it seems to be configured to drop some headers, or something like that, thus either no headers is sent to server to get gzip or the fire wall is unpacking the gzip... js.
As if I test from out side my company network or through a proxy, the js is gziped and things are working fine.

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i guess you use one styles(defined in info file), and use the @import to load other css file in the defined file, so when compressed the css, browser can't load other css files defined by @import methed. just load css files in the info file will be ok.

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So I can second "farshid" comments above. This problem almost drove me crazy. Behind a proxy his comment holds true and outside the proxy it works fine

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Not much can be done in this situation. D7 allows for this report message to be disabled. Reopen with the patch ported and I'll commit it.