I would like to assign path-based meta tags (no index) to all content within the content folder and after the / , like this: content/this-content-gets-no-index-meta-tags

I've tried using the '*' as a wildcard, since there's a lot of different content after the '/'. I've tried: content/* , content* and many other ways, but I just can seem to get it working...

The reason I need this is because all my content is in Views, so I don't need the different nodes/content to be visible to search engines and causing DC.
Also the search engines are starting to index my content/nodes instead of the views I created on the keywords I want my Views to be found under.


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I second this..

This should work for system URLs/module too like /user

FYI, I'm not aware of a pre-existing UI for this. @ marc1985 what are you currently using in your issue summary?

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UPDATED: I messed around w/ the path-based rules and it seems it does work with the slash in front of the wildcard, i.e.:

example.com/events/* WORKS

But not:

example.com/events* DOESN'T WORK

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I'm having a related issue.

I have a view page set to use this path: example.com/events

The same view has a date argument like this: example.com/events/YYYY-MM

So I'm trying to set meta tags within your module using this path for the dynamic pages: example.com/events/* (or example.com/events*)

The path with no wildcard works on the default page, but I can't get the Metatags Quick module to recognize any pages using the wildcard pattern when there are dynamic URLs that aren't defined explicitly as a Drupal path. (FYI, I'm only moderate when it comes to the internals of Drupal - please let me know if I'm off base).

Am I overlooking something or is this a limitation of the current module?

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I seem to be having a similar issue. Not sure of it's related to a conflict with another module, maybe a pager issue or perhaps an htacess or trailing slash issue.

My main issue seems to be with paths for paginated panel pages. I can attach meta data on the first page of a set or a top level directory alias but I can't seem to attach different meta data to paginated pages or other paths any deeper than the top level.

Eg. I can attach it to .com/products but the same tags then appear on .com/products/books and .com/products/books/1 and .com/products/books?page=1

Google recommends the use of rel="next and rel="prev" for paginated pages so it wold be great if there was some way this could be integrated as well as the ability to have different canonical URL's on each paginated page.

Lastly, is there a way that a unique canonical URL tag can be attached to a page generated by a query string such as .com/products/books?page=1