Please excuse my bad English, I had it translated by google.
I use css injector. Works well so far.
However, there is a message in the log (page not found) Posted: public:/css_injector/css_injector_1.css
As the site is specified: www.meine_domain.de/public://css_injector/css_injector_1.css m0x55m?

How can this script be modified?

Thank you for the help,

Deutsch Original:

bitte entschuldige mein schlechtes Englisch, ich musste es von google übersetzen lassen.
Ich nutze css injektor. Funktioniert soweit gut. Jedoch gibt es in den Protokollnachrichten einen (page not found) Eintrag: public:/css_injector/css_injector_1.css
Als Ort wird angegeben: www.meine_domain.de/public://css_injector/css_injector_1.css?m0x55m

Wie kann das script geändert werden?

Vielen Dank für die Hilfe,


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Category: bug » support

The last time this happened it was on Windows, and somehow somebody had actually gotten a file created in the root directory of the drupal distribution called public://. That will blow everything up. Please see if you've got that, and delete it if you do.

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I'm getting this same problem. Causing 404 errors on every page load for every rule set. I don't see a directory called "public://"

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I noticed this bug as well. I found a workaround that works OK for my needs so far.

When I need to use the URL elsewhere in Drupal (7 at least), I need to substitute "sites/default/files/" for the "public://" part.

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@Podengo, that would definitely *not* be recommended. You too should look for the public: directory in your root. Is this on Windows?

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I have this issue in the WYSIWIG module. Method wysiwyg_get_css in sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.module does not support CSS URLs with public: protocol. It would be cured by adding line

if(file_uri_scheme($filepath)==='public') $files[]=file_create_url($filepath); else


$files[] = base_path() . $filepath;
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awesome, had the exact same problem and #5 fixed it. Thank you!!!

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So this sounds like a bug in wysiwyg. Has it been filed?

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For me the same result. Note no longer appears in the log.

Can anyone of you give a hint at http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg?

Thank you

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I just had this happen as well, and it seems unrelated to wysiwyg (it happens when displaying pages, not editing them).

My short-term fix has been to turn off core's "Aggregate and compress CSS files" performance option for the moment. As soon as I do this, the css injector files show up as expected.

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I can confirm this issue as well when CSS Injector is used on pages with a WYSIWYG text area.

I've created a patch based on torbasow's code (comment 5 above) over in the WYSIWYSG issue queue: http://drupal.org/node/1793704#comment-6516150


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I have the latest version of wysiwyg but the problem described in #2 is still happening... I don't have a public:// folder anywhere in my site. It seems that the site eventually find the correct location of the css file after reporting a 404, very strange.

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#5 work Thank you.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

I think you'll find the correct answer in the Wysiwyg queue: #1793704: Fully process local CSS file paths. Marking this as a duplicate.