I currently have Facebook style statuses working with heartbeat, so that when a user adds a FB status, it creates a heartbeat entry. However, what I can't get is the avatar of the person making the FB status update to show. There is no token for it in the Triggered Rules token list, because the FB status tokens are different than the rest of my Triggered Rules for Heartbeat. It's not author created, but sender created. I can get the UID of the sender of the FB status, but not the avatar. Is there a way to add this, and if so, where exactly should I add it?


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There are a couple approaches outlined on the developers site at http://heartbeat.menhireffect.be/faq/it-possible-include-acting-users-av...

It seems I may be using yet another approach via a custom theme callback from a similar FBSS and Heartbeat integration module.

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To be honest I find the documentation site assumes you know a lot about heartbeat, which I don't. I don't know where to put the code they say for creating custom tokens, and I'm not even sure that will solve my problem.

When I tried to use the theming method, that didn't work either because when users change their profile pictures, heartbeat looks for their old profile picture and can't find it, and displays a broken image.

Is there anywhere I can see what I have access to in $variables[message]? Maybe I can do something with that.

What is your solution, exactly?

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The heartbeat module is a crap. Even simple function as displaying avatar take you DAYS to have it done. Crappy stuff