I tried to set some meta tags for my content type
I activated the fields for the path-based metatags.
For my "joueurs" content-type, i add a path like joueurs/* (where * is my node title).
I set up a decrition suchas [node:field_custom_name] (a token way) but when i go on my node page, the decription meta is not present. I tried to put a stanrad text to test but the result is the sema (nothing appear).

How am i supposed to use it. Nodewords worked very-well.

I tried meta-tag module, but it doesn(t work either (all pages have the same meta) and it don(t support path-based meta tags (which is very useful for pages created view)

Thank you for your help

thank for your help


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Did you switch on token module?

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i also use "token tweak" to limit the recusrion to two...
When i parameter my meta tags, i can't see the token. Do i need to use the last dev module?

Do i need to add all meta fields to the content-type or is it only for override purpose?

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No, there are (currently) no changes in dev since 7.x-2.4 release.
I think the problem is that you cannot use path-based meta tags with nodes.
Instead, you can define default values for meta fields on a per content type basis.
Unfortunately, this is not retroactive (existing nodes will not be affected).
Another alternative solution is to use metatags_extra module (part of metatags_quick package), but it supports only keywords and description tags