Hi all,

i'm new to drupal, and drupal module development.

I'm just trying to develop a very simple custom field for drupal (just for learning purpose), but i cannot have it listed in the Fields menu.

The module code is here: http://pastebin.com/nqpY91QE
The module is correctly installed and recognized by drupal, but when i try to add a field it doesn't appear as an option.

I tried to follow several tutorial, but with no luck. Could you help me undersand what i'm missing???
Many thanks,


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download examples.
enable field_example module and take a look at the code. That got me started.

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Thank you, pelach.

I have another question.
My custom field need also a db entry for store the result and/or the currency? Or in that case it is managed by drupal?

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hook_field_schema() may be what you're looking for. you'll want that in your .install file to define your database.

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Yup, you need to implement the above hook so that Drupal can create the table to store your price field's data.

I personally found that looking at the database tables help a lot when I started out.

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The examples module is a good place to start though it doesn't give any information on "gotchas", etc which are helpful for newer developers (I just finished a project creating my own field type).

I wrote a brief overview of the process for just that purpose. Check it out at: http://clikfocus.com/blog/custom-field-type-using-fields-api .