For bean instances that are already being displayed on a site, users will likely want to preview their changes before saving them.

Since beans don't have revisions yet (#1335494: Beans need revisions) and Workbench Moderation (or as far as I know anything similar) doesn't work with entities, I don't see another way to safely test out bean changes before they go live. Seems like adding preview functionality would be the best approach.


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For now, you can view the bean doing to block/{delta} but adding a button so it's not saved first is a good idea.

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I would also love to see this implemented. A way to have draft beans would be excellent. Integration with Workbench moderation would be perfect. From what I've read I believe Workbench Moderation 2.x (with State Machine 3.x) will support all entities (, though I haven't tried it myself.

Has anyone tried this and got it to work?