I have this issue that has been bugging me for some time:
When an "invitor" sends a friends request to an invitee, the request shows on the friends requests (sent and received) of both.
When the request is approved, it become a confirmed relationship on the invitee's lists of friends.
But it disappears from the invitor's list like if the invitation had been rejected.
If the invitor revisits the invitee, he is shown the link to invite again. If he does so, the cycle starts anew and the invitee has, from the same invitor, an existing friend's relationship plus a new friend's request!
Is this a bug or am I missing something?
(I have tried giving all the permissions possible and enabled all the UR modules.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :)


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If the invitee goes to the "invitor's" page and clicks on the "friend (remove)" link, there is a message that indicate that the relationship has been removed. Below it is the following message:
"Page not found
The requested page "/user/1/relationships/148796/remove?destination=user/148732" could not be found."

1, of course is the administrator and "invitor." 148732 is the invitee. 148796, does not exist!

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148796 is not a user ID in that URL; it is a relationship ID (user_relationships.rid).

Does that help any?

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Yes, that makes sense. But why do I get this error then, and how do I fix it? Any idea? Thanks.

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Category: support » bug
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Component: User interface » Invites

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