I would so love to be able to subscribe to my COD schedule through Google Calendar.


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Me too. Has anyone looked at how difficult this would be? Phase 1 could be just daily export of COD event calendar to a google calendar that the owner can make public or invite guests. Phase 2 would be to import new events or changes to the google calendar every 5 minutes on a CRON into the COD schema.

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This seems pretty straight forward for viewing my "I'm attending this Session" schedule view via google calendar:

  1. I assume google would need an iCal format? We would need to install the https://www.drupal.org/project/views_ical module
  2. Then we just create a view with a relationship to the session attending flag that outputs the time/date/description in ical display
  3. Finally we put a link on the user profile view such as "iCal Personal Schedule"

While we are at it we ought to make one for the entire schedule. Finally we would need would need to put some inline documentation and documentation on d.o

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Just noting that we've got an initial pass at implementing this on the Events.Drupal.org site https://events.drupal.org/vienna2017/schedule/mine/2017-09-26

However, we're working on an alternate implementation that will continuously sync instead of just static download (needs some secure hashing so people can't guess your feed url and stalk you).

Hopefully when we have that alternate pass together we can share it in this issue to go upstream to COD