Steps to reproduce:
add html5 input pseudo-selector to .scss file
visit a contact webform

  input:invalid, textarea:invalid {
    background-color: #FFEDED;

Got this error:

	SassPropertyNodeException: Properties can not be assigned at root level in SassPropertyNode::isa() (line 200 of /var/www/mysite/sites/all/themes/sasson/phamlp/sass/tree/SassPropertyNode.php).

Am I doing something wrong here?



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Have you tried doing something along the lines of

input {
  &:invalid { background-color: #FFEDED; }

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That worked great thank you!

I built a new portfolio site on Sasson just in time for Drupalcon Denver!

This is a really good base theme. The only major thing I changed was adding the module stylesheet nuker from Tao.

Thank you for your work.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Good to know - I'm actually not a developer on the theme, I just use it. I've asked enough questions in this issue queue I figured it'd be nice if I could answer one. :)

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Thanks, erutan !
It is great we have a work-around, but if the expression is valid CSS, it shouldn't break the compilation.
So it is a minor bug, but it should be fixed in the compiler first, not in Sasson.