First of all, thanks for the great module, this makes creating and managing multiple custom views RSS feeds so much easier.

However, it would be even more awesome if there was an extension module for MRSS, so I could add- media:content xmlns:media="" - to image/photo fields - which is required by some services to be able to style RSS newsletters.

I managed to rewrite the rss_field_formatters enclosure module to pull this off quick and dirty. However, this only works with the one RSS feed in the display view mode, as you are unable to create additional RSS display modes.

If I have time this weekend I will try to rewrite one of the current extensions to accomplish this objective.



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For that added awesomeness you would want to check out and monitor progress of Views RSS: Media (MRSS) Elements module, just added and pushed to d.o.

Mind you though, for now it is very basic initial version, providing only namespace and <media:content> element, although I am going to add more elements in the future.

If you feel like trying it out please clone it from git repository or wait around 12 hours for d.o to generate downloadable packages.

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Thank you very much for the added awesomeness! That was super quick. I've downloaded and I'm currently in the process of testing it. I will post any issues found.

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I sure wish this were available to the 6.x branch. I'm trying so hard to cheat a media:thumbnail field into my RSS feed, but it's just not working out.

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Will be available. Essentially I already have more or less working first basic draft of D6 version, I would need to test it properly first though and add all features already existing in D7 version. Probably will switch back to working on this after releasing new RC for Views RSS.

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