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When Netstudio Met Drupal

In 2010 we decided we needed to grow. To do that we needed a platform that would help our websites work faster. With hundreds of Joomla and VirtueMart websites since 2005 under our belts we were looking for an open-source platform to flex our developer’s muscles.

For starters, we packed and moved ourselves on Drupal. The plan was each website that we would design and build from then on to make our previous case studies look like building castles in the sand. We weren’t arrogant. Just more mature. Beach bucket and shovels weren’t for us anymore. We were more mature than that, ready for some serious building blocks games. Our eyes sparkling, our fingers tickling… We wanted Drupal. We wanted it… wanted it… wanted it! What were we, thirteen? In a way, yes, we were. Still are.

In-house for Nonstop Drupal Thrill

Netstudio is a company of twenty web developers, web designers, and Google certified AdWords, Analytics & Website Optimizers. Another reason we went weeee about Drupal was that we all work together in the same office at a leafy Athens, Greece suburb. That means we need to look at each other in the face every day. With Drupal our designer will never have to hate our developers’ guts for screwing his masterpieces. And it won’t break our hearts to see our ambitious web optimizer’s efforts slowed down by a limping management platform.

With an open-source platform like Drupal we can do anything. The only problem could be our AdWords expert, an ex-developer. Luckily, he’s more of a target killing games man nowadays, so he’s not jealous. He lets us have all the building blocks fun.

The JFK Drupal Question

Our migration from Joomla to Drupal was as smooth as walking down the beach. The problem was we were strolling down a nude beach with our clothes on. The whole spirit was different. An open-source platform is like an open-book exam. Only those who know their developing can make the most of Drupaldom. Commenting felt cool so we took happily to skinny dipping in the Drupal community spirit. And then the JFK question hit us:

“Don’t ask what Drupal can do for you, but what you can do for Drupal.”

That was it: Build what’s missing and give away to fellow Drupalers.

Many of our Joomla and VirtueMart clients have made a smart decision: Migrate to Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce

In terms of speed, the difference was obvious immediately, and the way Drupal works makes it more competitive and easy for the website to promote in search engines. Plus we started receiving enthusiastic comments from web content managers: With Drupal they needed much less time for organizing and editing content. This may not seem so important for someone who writes or edits 5-6 pages a week, but when you have to manage a webpage of more than 1400 articles in 6 languages, you realize what “m” stands for in CMS. The ease of transforming urls to SEO-friendly ones is amazing. Revisions are a revelation.
So our Drupal newbie clients became huge Drupal fans.

As for us at Netstudio, we’re still in love… on Drupal

Netstudio is the creator of, a remote usability testing tool. is based on Drupal 7.

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