Downloaded and installed module => enabled module => went to configuration. Default path to video.js "sites/all/libraries/video-js" throws error: "The directory specified does not seem to contain the Video.js library. Check to make sure that the video.js file is located within this directory."

So, I went searching for video.js - and it is nowhere to be found in directory.


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You need to download Video.js yourself at and extract it to sites/all/libraries/video-js.

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Ahhh... The title of the module was misleading, as I thought it actually "Came with" the js file as an auto install. I've installed the js file into the directory as you have suggested and the error has been resolved. Thank you!

Cannot find install documentation on project pages ....

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The module is intended to be loaded as a CCK display formatter. So if your site has a content type with a filefield field, you can select Video.js as your field formatter and the field will be displayed using Video.js. WHat do you want to do with Video.js?

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Integrating video into Drupal pages, several videos on one page, non-autoplay, user selects video they want to watch and they click to start video. Pretty simply page format. I created a content type video display, attempted to add a filefield for video; and video.js is not an option in the widget select ... ? CCK is enabled, filefield is enabled .... what could I be missing?

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Video.js is not a widget, its a formatter. Add the field and then you'll be able to select it at the "Display fields" tab.

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Still not configured .... getting there .... Jesus, this mod is great, but not intuitive at all ..... Could really use an Instructional Designer or Technical Writer to write a complete "How To Guide." With it, many more sites would be sporting this module .... From an instructional designer/technical writer ;)

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Ok, here is a description of what I'd like to do, now I have an idea of how the module works. And, once I get this, with your help, I guarantee you I will provide an easy to follow 1 2 3 of how to integrate the module and create a view.

Once video content is uploaded, I'd like to create a view that has two columns. Left column video thumb, right column video description.

I am creating a content type named video display. The content type will have a file field for mp4, a second filefield for ogv, and a third filefield for video description.

I've used 'file upload' as the widget choice (not image) when creating the filefiled types for the video content. Is this cool?

I've added the extensions mp4, and ogv to the file upload types that are allowed on the content type configuration/edit page.

I've gone to the Display Fields tab for the content type, and selected VIDEO.JS for the video filefields.

Next step is creating a view that shows one thumb for each video set (mp4, ogv). I am hoping that video.js is the content type to print to page, and that it handles grabbing either the mp4, or ogv file to stream depending on browser accessing content.

See any problems with the approach here?

Wondering about the possibility of adding a thumb filefield, and having it linked to the VIDEO.JS playback.

Also wondering about firing this thing up in Lightbox2.

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File upload is fine. You should create one filefield with multiple values and upload each alternative version of the same video in that field. Video.js does not create a thumbnail for you, so you'd need to upload an image for that. In the Video.js settings you will be able to select a filefield for the thumbnails of your content type. Lightbox integration is something that you need to program yourself.

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Well .... getting closer. I got the player to work on the node. Now it seems setting up views has it own set of new discoveries. I spent 4 hours trying to configure a view. The only thing I could do was link a thumbnail to the node. This option pops the entire node out into a lightbox .... header and all. So, I attempted to custom format the content node type, removing headers, etc .... Using Aquia Prosper and it refuses to recognize the new page-displayvideo.tpl.php template. So ...... I am back here.

When I try to create a simple view and select 'Videojs: HTML5 Video Player' as the format for the video file I get an error in the Live view dialogue box ..... "This display has no path!" Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.

Jorrit .... Man .... you really (like the majority of module developers on Drupal) need an instructional designer / technical writer to create setup documents that are drunk-monkey proof. Wouldn't you like to see these modules diffuse more rapidly?

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To get back to the original question of this issue: where did you find the text "comes with video.js"? I can only find it on, but the meaning there is that the Flash fallback is now included with the Video.js library (ie: the separate download) as opposed to be installed separately, as had to be done for Video.js library version 2.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

Closed because of lack of response.