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  • 25 Feb 2011 at 02:07 UTC

    Commit df36644 on master
    authored by Git Migration, committed by Drupal Git User (LDAP)
    Stripping CVS keywords
  • 25 Feb 2011 at 02:07 UTC

    Commit eba9087 on 6.x-1.x
    authored by Git Migration, committed by Drupal Git User (LDAP)
    Stripping CVS keywords
  • 25 Feb 2011 at 02:07 UTC

    Commit ee3f756 on 5.x-1.x
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    Stripping CVS keywords
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    Sprout from master 2010-06-10 16:09:06 UTC Allie Micka <allie_micka@15091.no-reply.drupal.org> 'Update function definition for point() to match the interface.'
    Cherrypick from master 2009-02-23 05:58:41 UTC Allie Micka <allie_micka@15091.no-reply.drupal.org> '#358255 by chiru - Error creating index using table prefix':
  • 10 Jun 2010 at 16:09 UTC

    Commit ae6a602 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Update function definition for point() to match the interface.
  • 27 Apr 2010 at 02:19 UTC

    Commit 104ab7e on 6.x-1.x, master
    If the geo handler is malformed or unavailable, don't attempt to load geo_data's field value.
  • 27 Apr 2010 at 02:18 UTC

    Commit 3860b86 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Ensuring that table-creating code works properly in the geo data import functionality.
  • 26 Apr 2010 at 05:40 UTC

    Commit 2d7b744 on 6.x-1.x, master
    - Build out GeomFromWKB(), GeomFromText() and other functions in the GeoSimple   class.  This mean that you can instantiate a geo object using WKB or WKT,   run functions on it, and return it in any desired format.  It also means that   you can do basic data manipulations without any database interaction at all!
    You can now do stuff like:
    $geo = geo_load();
    $g = $geo->geomFromWKB($wkb);
    $wkt = $g->asText();
    - Completely deprecate the geo() function and the remaining sub-fuctions that
    were still in use:
  • 23 Apr 2010 at 18:48 UTC

    Commit 1bf1db3 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Cause geo_load() to return GeoSimple instance by default if no handler is defined.  This allows developers to use code such as:
    $geo = geo_load();
    $point = $geo->point(1, 2);
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 23:35 UTC

    Commit 42cc5ff on 6.x-1.x, master
    Allow users to pass values through to the geo handler when it's loaded via geo_sql_load();
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 23:20 UTC

    Commit f3bf922 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Removing all of the original geo() callback functions that aren't still in use.
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 23:12 UTC

    Commit 973f684 on 6.x-1.x, master
    The beginnings of a new admin interface for the geo_data field / table selector
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 22:11 UTC

    Commit 94f5d56 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Removing geo_backend_type() function (original backends are GONE) Removing geo_supported_types() - this is now being handled through the interface.
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 22:04 UTC

    Commit 0696fc6 on 6.x-1.x, master
    FINALLY getting rid of the original mysql_spatial.inc and postgis.inc files! All of the functionality required for Geo should be accessed through the new class interface.
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 22:00 UTC

    Commit 87395eb on 6.x-1.x, master
    Removing a reference to the geo() callback.
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 21:59 UTC

    Commit 4b826da on 6.x-1.x, master
    By phayes - Maxlength on WKT inputs
  • 21 Apr 2010 at 19:00 UTC

    Commit 9956429 on 6.x-1.x, master
    - Ensuring that the geometryTypes() method exists in all of the main Geo classes - Using the above function name rather than the original geo() callback   mechanism on the geo_field settings forms.
  • 4 Apr 2010 at 22:22 UTC

    Commit 94bc759 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Removing now-defunct views_data hook from geo_data.module
  • 4 Apr 2010 at 22:20 UTC

    Commit 94973ac on 6.x-1.x, master
    *Much* improved views handling for geo_data fields:  An implicit relationship is created, which means we can simply rely on the views data that already exists for the target geo_tables.
    This allows geo_data fields to function as one would expect, where you can
    relate a node to a dataset using a geo_data field, and then use that dataset
    for additional fields, filters, etc.
  • 4 Apr 2010 at 18:06 UTC

    Commit ad623ca on 6.x-1.x, master
    Adding click-sortability to fields in a geo dataset table.
  • 4 Apr 2010 at 16:57 UTC

    Commit fbbf409 on 6.x-1.x, master
    #749180 by simosda - Views filter for distance search fails when parameters match location coords exactly
  • 4 Apr 2010 at 16:49 UTC

    Commit 944f43b on 6.x-1.x, master
    #640704 reported by apolzon - Shapefile Parsing Issue
  • 26 Jan 2010 at 23:19 UTC

    Commit 0a12a10 on 6.x-1.x, master
    Ensuring that all filters and arguments for geo and related geo data use a separate where group called 'geo'.  This will permit us to convert Geo's filters from AND to OR.
    For example, you can filter a view based on an event's location OR the location
    of a facility that an event is node-referenced to.
    Or, you could find your statewide representative whose state overlaps yours OR
    a representaive whose district overlaps yours... thus returning all
    representatives for a particular user.
    And so-forth.
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