Hello Friends:
I have a couple of days looking for but can not find the answer or the module that can solve my need to see if you can lend a hand to me.
As you know, ImageCache already integrated in Drupal 7, the fact is that in the version for drupal 6 left to set up a scaled image style relatively, that it could reduce the image to a percentage, not necessarily a width / fixed height in px; Did they know tell me how to do this in drupal 7?.
thank you very much.


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I'm sorry, I read it before but did not understand. thanks

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Again I write because I can not find an answer to my previous question, so I would like to extend by if I could fix it by other means ...
Would it be possible to do using "custom action", one of the Actions Imagecache module?
The problem is I do not know much of php and would not know how to get a code to a certain percentage reduction of the place where the image frame.

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I searched a lot and found that, when imagecache module ported to Drupal core in Drupal 7, they removed some functions related ImageMagick like "custom actions". There is a seperate module for ImageMagick actions http://drupal.org/project/im_raw (http://drupal.org/project/imagemagick for Drupal 7). Maybe you can install and try. But it might not work if your hosting doesn't have a setup for ImageMagick. There is info on given links of module pages.

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I'm not sure about the exact syntax for use with imagecache_actions, but this can definitely be done with a custom action and doesn't require imagemagick:


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Thank you very much for the replies.
I have finally been able to access imagemagick on my server but I can not resize the image to a% of the screen. Just resized to a% of the original but that's not what I want.