Why are we ignoring en variants?


if ($langcode != 'en' && isset($variant[$langcode])) {
// Merge in language specific mappings.
$map[$bank][$langcode] = $variant[$langcode] + $base;
      else {
$map[$bank][$langcode] = $base;

My use case was that there are german names for things being typed into english inputs. Eg 'möll river' which looks better as 'moell river'. I believe this must be true for many cases.

BTW, If I update this module, I'll loose my overrides. Where am I meant to put this?

// Overrides for English input.
$variant['en'] = array(
0xC4 => 'Ae',
0xD6 => 'Oe',
0xDC => 'Ue',
0xE4 => 'ae',
0xF6 => 'oe',
0xFC => 'ue',
0xDF => 'ss',


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This feature will come "for free" when #1943290: Add hook to allow customization of character mappings is fixed. (When the D8 code is ported to a 7.x-4.x branch)