I have a select list with some values. When one of them have been chosen i would like to see another mandatory field (term reference) with widget by this module.
But with entered values in term reference tree drupal displays an error which says that no values have been entered in the term reference field. If i try to use another widget it works just fine..

Thanks for your support in advance!


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i have the same problem.

any idea?

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Same problem here. The conditions are correct, it just doesn't work. Bummer.

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Thanks, saemchou, that link helped.
Looks like there's an issue with the "Values input mode" being set to "Insert values from widget..."

I changed selection types, found the proper ID, and it seems to be working.

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I am having the same issue but it doesn't work for me yet. Do you know if the values have to be numbers? In my dependee they are strings

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i checked the post, but the solution is to change from widget type of term reference tree to checkbox/radio,
then the 'tree' become flat .
can some one help us.

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Changing the Widget type of the taxonomy term reference field to Radio/Checkboxes saves the day. Thanks.