I need two issues that needs to be resolved.I'm listing them based on the priority
What I need is exactly in this site that is one among the ten best sited developed using drupal

  • http://laclinux.com/en/Laptop
  • When any one of the laptop image is clicked ,it navigates to the next page with details about the laptop.How to achieve this.


    • And also I want to know how to navigate to the next page by clicking an image that keeps on changing....it is not random image that I'm asking for....

    • take a look at this web site http://www.cognizant.com/html/home.asp
    • you can see the images changing and each image navigates to a different page...
      pl help me with both the issues,I'm a newbie please help me how to do this.

    best sites created using drupal http://drupal.org/node/23176


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    Your first question, using an image as a link is pretty straight foward. You need to implement a content type which includes an image (not as part of the main body). Depending on exactly what you want you can start with the page or story module and use either the image assist or image attach modules to attach an image(s) to the content. If you want to collect more than just free form text (the body) you could use the CCK module to define the pieces of information you want to collect including the image(s). The next step is to theme the output from your content type. in the case of your example the teaser and full view are themed different. You can do this using the contemplate module or using phptemplate and defining your own tpl.php file for you content type (about phptemplate).

    As for you second question, while no6 neccesarily hard it requires you know at least something about PHP and jQuery. The exact answer depends on where the content/images come from, this is meant to serve as a frame work of one way to approach the problem, I would use jQuery (javascript) to do this, if you visit http://gayweddings.com, the top/center story automatically changes from one story to the next and illustrates part of what you are asking. In your case if you are only dealing with images you would for each each output something like

    <a href="your link url"><img src="path to image" /></a>

    You would probably wrap all the images in a div tag with a css id or class name. Then you could use jQuery to cycle through the link ('a' tags) displaying them one at a time (which will show as a changing image)

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    Thank you nevets for your time...
    I still need help.I didn't understand "includes an image not of the main body".
    Let me be more specific

    • I'm using zen theme.
    • I want the content in my home page
    • I've image assist as well as image attach module

    I didn't understand how to use the contemplate module as well

    It would be very nice of you if you put it in steps so that its easy for newbies.
    Thank you for your help

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    yes I found how to do it
    Assumptions : :image module is enabled
    Step 1 : Create a content(It can be story,book,static page )
    Step 2 : Title it
    Step 3 : In the body part upload an image from your gallery or from your system.you can upload in the middle of the text also

    • If you are uploading an image from the system,upload,hit submit.then you'll see the properties window
    • If you are uploading an image from the gallery the properties window will open once you choose the image

    Step 4 : In the Link option choose Go to url and provide the path where the page should be navigated when the image is clicked.
    path can be http://localhost/?q=mypage
    Step 5: hit insert.
    Step 6 : Go to the page where the image is displayed and click it.you'll be navigated to the page you want to