With the module loaded in the appropriate modules folder on my dev site, I find that the Masquerade permissions show up just fine in the admin permissions page, and the module appears in the Administer => By Module page. The problem comes when I attempt to configure the module this way. Clicking on the "Configure permissions" link here, or from the "Get Help" page results in either a WSOD or a "Website Down" error. I feel the module is not interfacing correctly, but I'm not sure what's wrong. For what it's worth, the block to switch users does not show up, either. Any thoughts?


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The regular routes don't do the trick, but all the appropriate settings appear in the User Management > Roles > Permissions menu, so that's taken care of, for now. It turns out that a number of other modules return a "Page Not Found" error, much the same as what I posted previously. I've changed the php memory allowance and max execution time, but that didn't help either, so I have a feeling there's a system-wide issue I need to look at, and it may not be Masquerade's problem.

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Ultimately, the problem turned out to be a need for additional memory. Somehow, the increase to 96M from 64M on the PHP execution memory cap wasn't enough. I boosted it to 128M and now all is well. Thanks to everybody for taking a look.

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