I am building a store that will ship a lot of products within Ohio (we are based out of Ohio). In Ohio, you have to charge the sales tax rate in the destination county. So, for example, if I'm in Franklin, and am shipping to Cuyahoga, I have to charge the Cuyahoga tax rate.

I have looked and looked, and am now asking for help. Is there a way that I can charge this appropriate sales tax? Some counties extend multiple zip codes, so county would be my first choice, but I would also use zip if I had to. Thanks so much!


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I'm notorious for, after 7 or 8 hours of searching, testing, and anger, I post for help, then find a solution.

This post in particular was my solution.

I should say, however, that if anyone has a county solution (versus a zip code solution), I'd be happy to hear it.

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Mr Peanut this is not true. I also live in Ohio and in Ohio you are charged the sales tax in which your business is located. True each city charges a different rate, but you don't collect and pay to each and every city unless your business is mobile and you operate out of each area. I don't even think street vendors do what you are asking.

Every company I have ever seen (and there are lots of them large and small) only pay the rate in which the business is located (see your local rate) and pay your local municipality only.

I had this same issue with a California client once. Could you imaging collecting a different tax rate and filing in every single location around the state or country that you sell a product in? This is never going to happen or there will be another Boston tea party! It is too much strain on any business or individual.

While I am not a CPA, I have been advised as such from multiple professionals.