Release info

Created by: falcon
Created on: March 3, 2012 - 14:21
Last updated: March 3, 2012 - 14:25
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-4.3:

  • #132240: Make sure question number is correct for quizzes with unpublished questions
  • Allow nid values in the nids array to be strings in quiz_get_score_data
  • Fix 1124570 by rombapa: Make sure the remove button in the question browser doesn't hide more than the question row in table based themes
  • Fix #1228090 reported by tomwalker0472: Make room for more questions in a quiz
  • Fix #792806 reported WLSP: Make sure email is sent before action is invoked
  • Fix #1269976 by sivaji: Make sure the correct user gets awarded userpoints
  • Fixed qnr.nid -> child_nid
  • Fix #1294598 by borgewarvik: Use trim so that space is interpreted as empty in the browser filters
  • Fix #132240 reported by borgewarvik: Unpublished questions showing up in quiz
  • Fix #1317244 by Jim Kirkpatrick: Make it possible to save the quiz form settings
  • Fix #943278 reported by ashah: Quiz redirect problem for anonymous users on quizzes owned by anonymous
  • Fix #1394114 reported by abebantegui
  • Fix #1233526 by regi.bradley: Show results for old revisions in the my results tab ; git commit -am Fix
  • Fix #1286622 repordet by ruckerw: Questions reordering on backwards navigation
  • Fix #534716 by Dmitry.trt: No access check for filters
  • #1340508 by GDI, egberthertsen, slustemberg: Quiz does not show questions for anonymous user
  • Fix #1415770 Quiz my results table: text contains a grammatical error.
  • Fix #1444014 Multichoice score if chosen has max length of 2 by fuzzy76
  • Fix #1308278 - Title not being set at end of quiz configured to not show feedback by ppc.coder.
  • Fix #1414766 Undefined variable .
  • Fix #596138 - Add a score filter by will.j