Vote for Drupal in the CNet Webware 100 Awards!

Drupal has been selected as a finalist by the editors at CNet Webware in the first ever “Webware 100” Awards, from over 4,000 user-submitted nominations. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 18 and posted on

Update: Hey! We were selected as a winner! Awesome!


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If there is someone with some graphic design skills that will make a Vote for Drupal on the Webware 100 button/image I am sure folks would put it on their sites / blogs, I know I would.


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What are the best Web apps? Vote now for the Webware 100

  1. Drupal
  2. Drupal
  3. Drupal
  4. Drupal
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You are right!

From Design

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Drupal got my vote! :)

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I voted for Wordpress.

Just kidding ;p

Actually, Google Analytics would be my second choice, it's a nice little service.

John Forsythe
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It is particularly interesting that Joomla didn't make the list, or XOOPS, or Plone, or Typo3, or ...

I think there is some stiff competition in the category though, nevertheless I have just cast my vote for Drupal

Ross Kendall
UK based Web and IT consultant specialising in Free and Open Source Software technologies.

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Same here

Ole Martin

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Thumbs up from as well.

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I clicked and voted

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Drupal got my vote but it's somewhat strange that it's in the same category as Adobe Flash.
We are all prisoners of our own experiences.

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But hey, we can totally win this. :D

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At least one person has to use">this button then...

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I have added your image to my blog :)


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I voted too!
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Oh when will the world learn to use better voting systems than "pick one choice"? At the very least we should be able to select multiple options, but really we should be able to rank our choices!

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got my vote in2 the count!

-- Sree --
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I agree with your opinion, but ...

I think that advanced voting systems are just for "advanced" users.
For this purpose, this simple system could be the best solution.

And, my vote goes to ...
Drupal Themes Live Preview -

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If you are not an advanced user, would you know the difference between the apps? ;)

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Chris, you're so right. Why do you have to be so right all the time! ;=) I agree though, that a multiple-choice, pick-the-one-correct-answer is so "199x SAT test scores" bad. We should offer to move Cnet over to D6 so they can take advantage of the powahs, of AdvPoll!

Joel "Senpai" Farris | certified to rock score

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Woo :P

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Go Drupal, I don't think anybody else stand a chance :-)

- Victor
FPGA Central

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my vote goes to Drupal.

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i voted too:)

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...I took out my voter ID card, went down to the voting station, and cast my vote guessed it, Drupal!

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Neat badge, but if only the white was transparent --- so it look better when white isn't your bg.


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It was done in a hurry...I'll do another export with transparency once back at work...

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I also Voted for You!!!

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Considering that the webware site was done in Drupal, I would have thought that would be sufficient to sway voteing decisions. I voted for Drupal nevertheless.

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Done ;)
Easier choice for me than for the last french élection's!

keep goin' on!

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You can vote again if you delete your cookies, so this type of voting has no real meaning..
it is like the famous Chuck Norris bridge voting in Hungary..

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Voting on any of the categories there currently gives a blank page saying

testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing: testing:

I just sent them a note about it.

( Evaluating the long-term route for Drupal 7.x via BackdropCMS at )

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Following up on comments from others in this thread.

The combination of lacking multiple choice, and how tha categories are put together hurts the credibility of any results. It does not make much sense.

- select between Firefox browser, Bloglines news aggregation service and OpenID...
- how to choose between web backup, local backup and search engines?
- and ditch Feedburner if you like a CMS or blog system

So while I seriously question the meaningfulness of the current category "bundling", I think that given this categorisation scheme, the main problem is that it should offer multiple choice to make sense, as ChrisKennedy pointed out earlier in this thread. It does not solve it entirely, but "will do".

For both the readers, the contenders and the winners some level of credibility / sensibility is needed if the results should have value, not having some winners on top of a list that does not make sense.

Here at, we could for example put up a simple poll asking our users to answer if they think the results of the award (in its current shape) would be of value, or if they think it should be re-worked.

Even if it might be too late to stop or change the progress this year, at least it will have a value to give them that feedback and also as a reference for the next one.

A pity if such award opportunities loose their potential. It is obviously of far greater marketing/PR value for the winners when there are no reasons to question the credibility.

It would be great if the Drupal community could start using the potential power of our "community voice" on such occasions. Even if there will never be a situation where all of us totally agree, simple one-question poll result "views" are valuable indications and can be a good contribution as practical feedback for other communities and web services.

I really miss the opportunity to conduct such quick ad-hoc polls here at
(We shold have a system that lets users suggest polls, have the suggestions queued and then have a group of "poll moderators" collaboratively vote on which suggested polls should be permitted, then publish those for users to take part in in.)

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It's just a silly popularity contest. Nothing to spend too much time analyzing. :) If you want to vote, vote, if you don't, don't.

Since this contest is sponsored by CNet, we have absolutely no control over their voting methods or how they cluster the projects together. You could provide feedback to them though probably, if you want.

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This is not the world's greatest contest, I know. But I would not mind if it turned into yet another opportunity to have even more visible things for Drupal to "brag" about. I see it as a good marketing opportunity, at least from next year.

I would say it is a nice community thing to voice concerns, and find out how the community feels about them. I really miss such opportunities here at

But my point is not to make a huge effort to analyze this, only if we could easily provide for example a simple poll with a link to this thread so they would know if we think it should improve next time. Just a community feedback, which I find can be a very practical, easy and informative thing. But we are not using any simple polls here, so that is perhaps the reason why such things may seem like an effort. With core's simple poll module, such things could very easily and quickly be done. Hardly no effort at all. Better than nothing, I would say.

For example, I have no real way of knowing how many here agree that the way that award is shaped does not make much sense, and makes its results less useful. That would be nice to check out, and I believe a valuable feedback to Cnet. And if the poll shows that the majority here does not think the way its laid out this year is a problem, then that is an ok confirmation too, equally useful. But already with very few comments here in this thread, several people have mentioned that this is a "problem", so that is an indication that it just might be extra relevant to check out.

it is not a question of being in control of their desicions, but simply to visualise our community opinion through simple poll results. Just help out in improving things that also might have positive impact for us if we "win".

Such a simple poll should not be conducted at one of our small personal sites, but here here at, where the poll results would have sufficient credibility and obviously be "on behalf" of the community.

I mean, it would not hurt us if that award made more sense and was more credible next year.

( Evaluating the long-term route for Drupal 7.x via BackdropCMS at )

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And my vote goes to... *drum roll*... our beloved Drupal :)

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From my Drupal team in Ahmedabad and Patna and also those students who attended the seminars in Ahmedabad. I also forwarded the link to my Vancouver team.
Roshan Shah
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I voted Al Gore in 2000, I hope my vote counts this time....just kidding wasn't American then...!

Go Drup, go!

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My vote goes to drupal..

vote now guys!

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We are happy to contribute to the "Vote for Drupal" initiative by adding a banner to our popular Drupal related pages:

Drupal Themes
Drupal Tutorial
Drupal Modules

These web pages were initially started as additional resources for the customer of SiteGround web hosting, who are Drupal users. However, they soon became popular for a wider range of visitors. We believe that most of the people visiting these resources have a good reason to cast their vote in favor of Drupal.

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absolutely Drupal


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Drupal would win cos I voted!

Griffonia | Voacanga Africana |">Shea Butter

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My vote for you blue man!

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Hi webchick,

big up for starting this campaign...the winners are announced today, aren't they?


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Congratulations for this Award, i will vote for Drupal, best cms out there..


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Drupal is incredible powerful all round system

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