I seem to be struggling with styling the black area around the slideshow image. Using Firebug I am unable to identify the div. It seems as if that area is broken down into parts. But when I go into the layout.css I see this (several attributes removed for simplicity)

background:url('../images/bg-not-front.gif') no-repeat center top #F5F5F5;

body.with-slideshow {
background:url('../images/bg-pattern-t.gif') no-repeat center top #F5F5F5;

and when I checked bg-pattern-t.gif, it matches the black background around the slider. So i figured removing that and replacing it with say a color or pattern would work. To test i added attribute color:red but it didn't change.

Is this not the right div to be editing, given that its not showing in firebug, how would I style it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Di you get a solution?
I try to change the background color of the site...