Hello All,

Bellow are the dates ,I need to show in calendar(using calendar module + date module) to a particular user :
1.The dates of upcoming events.
2.The dates of purchasing product(using ubercart for shopping) of a particular user .

If any one have the solution,please reply it as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.


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Add a contextual filter of Date: Date (node) and, under the Date Field section, select the content types containing the dates that you want to appear on the calendar.

Add another contextual filter for Content: Author UID. When the filter value is NOT in the URL : Provide default value: Type : User ID from logged in user.

That's what worked for me.

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I did not get your second addition of contextual filter for content as it means to only for particular user .
I need to show the dates of the purchased product also along with upcoming events(content type).
Please share the image of views for the same so that it will give more visualization to me.

Thanks again.

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Please ,Provide me the solution to show the date of purchase product of a particular user in calendar views.

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Hello All,
Please ,provide me the solution to show the date of purchase product (ubercart) on calendar of a particular user.

Thank you

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