Hi !
If you don't know me yet I'm Quentin the new Sweaver developper. I joined the project lately in aim to review the interface and make of Sweaver a major Drupal's module.

To do so I have implemented many interface changes in the past weeks in the dev version. I am asking you to express here any recommendation, complain or idea you might have about Sweaver.

Just to remind you, here is a list of changes made lately :

  • Creation of the advanced plugin combining the existing custom css plugin and new one listing all changes
  • In the editor plugin, the tab concerning the position of the selected element has been redesigned
  • Background image is now selected directly in the editor, depreciating the image plugin
  • A couple of properties chosen until now into select inputs where transformed into buttons

Ideas explored as we speak :

  • Rethink all the font tab in the editor plugin
  • Add more buttons to replace select inputs
  • Improve sliders by :
    • Changing min and max values (to improve precision)
    • Adding double click event : It would reset the property to its default value
    • Adding + and - buttons at extremities of every slider in aim to increase of decrease the current value by ~5%

So what do you think ? Is this something that you can look for ?

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Hi Quentin,

all your changes in the dev version are really cool and useful. The ideas that you have also seem very useful, so you have at least my approval on them!

Keep it up.

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  • +1 for listing all changes in the advanced plugin.
  • The extra buttons look nice.
  • When you upload an image directly as a background image it dos not show up in the listing of images. Was that intended?
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Thanks jyve, you've been very welcoming since my arrival. I'm greatful for that.

Helmo, the all idea of the new way of choosing a background image is in opposition of the image plugin. That is why it will disappear in the next stable version and I do not work on it. For a similar reason, the pop "show changes", that is for now in the editor, will disappear soon.

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I do like all the changes but not the loss of the image module. I loaded up background images and let the image module manipulate the images: add filters, resize and so on. Then I select the images from the image module as background images. What do you do if you want to reuse an image? Upload it again? I can not see any advantages not using the image plugin.

I think, the Drupal way to handle images is not to handle images without the image module. The Drupal way is to upload a resource and then (re)use it.

So, please, reactivate the image plugin on the background tab!

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This is exactly why I created this post, I'll try to figure something out. Because in my opinion it is way more easier to use an image as a background in the new system. I think I'll keep both systems. Therefore you'll upload a new image or select a previously uploaded image. This would still mean the end of the image tab but not of the image plugin.

Do you think that would be good enough ?

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Okay I found the solution.

If the plugin images is enabled then the user can re-use images. If not, it is still possible to upload images and set them as background but each image has to be re-upload in aim to be used as background.

Patch attached.

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As said before, I want to reduce improve sliders by choosing better min and max values (the other way would be to widen them).

So these are values I thought about, tell me what you think :

  • Font size : 0 to 75px
  • Line Height : 0 to 75px
  • Margin : 0 to 250px
  • Borders : 0 to 50px (maybe a lot less would be better, like 0 to 15px)
  • Padding : 0 to 150px

Anyway you can still overide min and max values by entering anything you want into the input field.

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Being able to override the max is definitely useful especially for margin and padding.
And I agree that most borders are probably below 15px.

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Okay I think we are in the last week of tests.

Please tell me everytime you can find a single bug.

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Last functionality added. Sweaver recognize now better selectors in the .info file of a theme.

I will certainly patch one or two things in the WE but if no warning come up stable version on monday.

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Okay everything is clear. Release is imminent.

My plan for the next release(s) is to work on :

  • In the front-end :
    • The border and Spacing tab of the editor will be improved to make it easier, or better looking if you will. I will try to make it works almost as it does in Google Chrome.
    • Integration of more advanced property editing features. Those will be called effects and will demand a lot of JS work but the general idea is to be able to add/modify gradients, rounded corners, box/text shadows... and all of these need to be well integrated in aim not to overwhelm the actual interface.
    • Add more default selectors. I could for example add selectors depending of the base theme. This would be interesting for major base theme / major themes.
  • In the back-end :
    • The big job is to make Sweaver works with OG. A lot of users have asked for it and I have drawn the road map the other day, it doesn't seem that scary but I'm not a user of OG so I might need help to understand how people use it.
    • The little job is to work on CSS exportation and other integrations such as Skinr. Most of this could be done very quickly, but I haven't started at all. I'm not sure how urgent it is for users to get those features.

So this is the hidden road-map. If you're looking badly for one of this feature or other not mentioned please inform me so that I could start with it.

-- If you like this module => Talk about it !

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What is the plan for the Drupal 6 version of Sweaver? Will there be new releases?

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Sadly I'm not a D6 developer, so this part could only managed by Swentel or Jyve. I don't know about Jyve but Swentel is pretty busy these days. Therefore, bugs might be corrected if signaled but no original work for some time.

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Unfortunately, due to lack of time, the D6 version will not be worked on anymore. Critical bugs will go into the dev version.

This is also the answer to your e-mail BTW Jorrit :)

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"Advanced" is awesome. Would be great to have it ported to D6 version, as many of my sites are still running Pressflow 6 (happily).


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