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Last updated: February 27, 2012 - 09:15

Release notes

This release of Webform includes several major new features, including initial support for HTML5 elements (such as in the e-mail component and in the new "number" component). This release also enables Webform to have much better translation support in the future by declaring all properties that are translatable. The Drupal 7 version also upgrades the File component to provide AJAX-based uploading (with progress bars if supported by your server).

New features:

  • #908958: Use HTML5 type="email" for e-mail field input type.
  • #289919: Provide AJAX-based file uploads/Progress Bar for uploads.
  • #260708 by vernond, mandclu, abhishek.kukkuand, and quicksketch: New HTML5 number component.
  • #245424 by GDrupal, plach, roderik, idflood, mariancalinro, GiorgosK, rapsli, jessehs, Aron Novak, sch4lly, and quicksketch: Make Webform multilingual (i18n) aware through contributed modules.
  • #630476: Allow hidden fields to handle unsafe tokens by making the "value" type fields.
  • #1263584 by DamienMcKenna: Option to *not* create the default Webform content type.
  • #1229176 by Shawn DeArmond: Make webform_get_submission_count() support hook_query_alter().
  • #1363414 by Jelle_S and attiks: Add new webform callback to allow custom components to attach multiple files.

Bug fixes:

  • #1398142 by juampy: "Included email values" component tree is not being indented correctly when there is more than one level.
  • #1216784: webform_validate_unique() throws PDO error when using PostGres.
  • #1424540: Hidden fields don't export zero (0) in CSV/Excel downloads.
  • #1435874: Default texts for view and delete webform submission links are swapped.
  • #1458330: Empty string number components throw PHP notice on display.
  • #1292252 by dealancer: Update the exporting mechanism to make it extendable by other modules.
  • #1414666 by David_Rothstein: Webform contextual links are shown to users who don't have access to them, and code can be simplified.
  • #1415914 by Liam Morland: Form required marker should use theme system.
  • #1409154: Undefined function "webform_component_edit_form" called when using a managed_file element.
  • #1432434: Fieldsets improperly hide labels by setting #title = NULL, rather than using #title_display property.
  • #1394494: PDOException with auto save between pages if the first page is empty.
  • #1440966: Resend emails link calls undefined function webform_component_parent_keys().
  • #1386392: The block won't hide when the submissions are limited.
  • #1394494 by DuaelFr: PDOException with auto save between pages if the first page is empty.
  • #1435846: View ajax error when adding a submission link handled by webform_handler_field_submission_link via a relationship.
  • #1007532: Setting default select option with %get[].
  • #260708 by mandclu, abhishek.kukku, vernond, and quicksketch: Add a numeric field to Webform.
  • #1352572: Add (or use existing) indexes for the Webform results page.
  • #1276550: Anonymous users do not use site default timezone.
  • #1332100: Prevent undefined function calls in component includes.
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