After the D7 upgrade I noticed that even after setting up Pathauto aliases, and running bulk update, a great many of the nodes still have /node/333 type addresses. I checked the node edit pages on several of them, and I found they all had the "Generate automatic URL alias" box unchecked. Somehow that happened during the upgrade because they were checked in D6. I'm guessing that's why Pathauto isn't updating them. Assuming I haven't missed something obvious, is there a way I can turn back on the "Generate automatic URL alias" box for all of them?


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Never mind I think I fixed it. I deleted all aliases, the completely uninstalled pathauto. I installed it again, made all new path patterns, and this time it worked.

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That's not really a fix if you need to keep hand crafted aliases. I have the same king of issue and found some related to field definitions wrongly upgraded.

What makes it tricky is that you don't get valuable error messages in theses cases.
Try this :
- change field widget and check if required is checked / wrong default was provided previously
- re-save term reference field parameters
- enable content type languages with translation if it was enabled on D6, and check/fix the URLs' Aliases patterns for this content type