Some sites have a link in the main menu pointing to the home page. This patch implements hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter() to remove the leading "Home" link in that case (with a new admin setting in case you don't want to activate it).

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Previous patch will fail because there is an error in the diff header. Here's the corrected version. Content is exact same.

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In your code below

if (variable_get('menu_breadcrumb_single_home_link', FALSE)
      && isset($active_trail[0]) && isset($active_trail[1])
      && $active_trail[0]['href'] === '<front>' && $active_trail[1]['href'] === '<front>')

We can modify this patch and come up with a new functionality.
If a user wants to remove the home link/text from the breadcrumb, then via this they can remove it completely, even if the link does not exists in the main menu. (More flexibility)

if (variable_get('menu_breadcrumb_single_home_link', FALSE)
      && isset($active_trail[0]) && $active_trail[0]['href'] === '<front>')

Comments and suggestions welcomed.

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Rather than special casing for <front>, why don't we (optionally, or per default) reduce duplicates once we've generated the breadcrumb? That would seem more sensible. I imagine lots of sites already have Home > ViewA > ViewA+Filter > Node structures, this might be beneficial for that case too.

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Yes we can, we can provide an admin option to remove any possible duplicates.
Apart from that I am thinking about adding an option to remove the "HOME" link from the menu.

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I have added the option to remove the Home / link to front page.
It is in dev mode, if required, please test it and let me know if you face any issues.
I will then work on adding a check for removing duplicate enteries from the Breadcrumb.

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