Apache error:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::save() in ./sites/all/modules/openlayers/modules/openlayers_ui/includes/openlayers_ui.layers.inc on line 58, referer: ./admin/structure/openlayers/layers/clone/world_openlayers_1

#8 1454298-openlayer_ui-stack-trace.txt2.58 KBethanw
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Related issue but with D6 - #800546: Fatal error in openlayers ui

I can confirm getting this too with the dev version.

EDIT: Just looking at this a bit more. The error is coming in attempting to save the map $success = $layer->save(); - save is defined in the openlayers.module file as is openlayers_layer_type_load() which is called earlier.

But what happens if $layer = openlayers_layer_type_load($layer_class);
returns false. Would that cause it not to load the object properly. If so then hopefully we'd just be able to do something like:

  if (is_object($layer)) {
    $success = $layer->save();

But that's not working for me. This is the only instance in the OpenLayers module where I'm seeing an object using this function.

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I have the same problem - I simply can't add layers due to the error above.

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mgifford - just to confirm are you getting this with every attempt to create a layer?

I was able to create them on another site that I updated and now it doesn't work on there too so I'm wondering if its related to the update? Sounds like so...

Also - if this prevents creating layers entirely should it be marked as critical given that views layers are presumably what a huge number of people are using the module for? (Having said that I'm surprised there are not more reports of the bug!)



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There were some assumptions I didn't get from the docs & looking at the code I got from - http://drupalovereasy.com/drupal-7/tutorials/world-map-photo-album

Things like favouring Geofield over OpenLayers options.

Sorry I can't be more specific or be able to clearly replicate the problem.

EDIT: Are you using dev versions for geofields & openlayers?

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yes, I am

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Priority: Normal » Critical

Hi mgifford,

To replicate the problem:

  1. Install Drupal 7.12, Views, OpenLayers, CTools
  2. Go to /admin/structure/openlayers/layers/add/openlayers_views_vector
  3. Enter layer details
  4. You will get either the error or a WSOD

Moving to critical as creating Views layers is a major use of this module and is now not working. I'm going to have to try the new GMap 7 port for now but will help if I can in testing as when views integration works, Open Layers is far superior.



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Its weird.. I just tried with an older version of Open Layers because as I say - it worked previously on another site that I had installed. However the alpha version has the same error. This suggests that the problems are due to an update in views or ctools maybe?

Very strange...

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I'm having the same issue, trying to create a new Openlayer_Views Vector layer. Full stack trace is in file attached.

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Status: Active » Fixed

The issue here is more that you should not be allowed to clone Views based layers. I have update the UI to remove the clone button for these types of layers. You can clone them in the Views interface.

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Status: Fixed » Active

Hi zzolo,

I'm not sure you got the issue totally - either that or I've misunderstood something but this is not just cloning - its creating too. If you go to the "add" page on the layers and try to add a views layer the thing crashes with the errors reported here - meaning there is absolutely no way currently using open layers to work with views.

I tried this on a fresh install with only the modules mentioned above (Layers/Views/CTools)

Re-opened, please let me know if I've missed something.



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Hi @adshill. Ah, yes, you should not be able to add a Views layerl manually through the OpenLayers UI. You should be creating them in Views.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

I have removed these options from the UI.