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MD5: e30aa07996a54f18bb3182b8ef6979d1
SHA-1: 49775bb991656ef76a7c4824c7a6f84184770253
SHA-256: 5f8673d1eaf3f115e1ae81f9208653178e3bce0ff7f058a4fc6ebfe91c22a3fa
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Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 24 Feb 2012 at 13:18 UTC
Last updated: 24 Feb 2012 at 13:20 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 7.x-3.0


This update deprecates the Calendar iCal module, which should be replaced with
the new Date iCal module ( The Calendar
iCal module will disappear completely in a future release.

The default calendar view is deprecated in this version. New calendar should be
created using templates, using the 'Add view from template' link at the top
of the Views list.

If you are having any trouble with older views, it is highly recommended to delete
the old view and start over with the template. It will probably save you a lot
of time in the long run.

- Issue #1445228 by Jaza, Calendar granularity path causing PHP notices.
- Issue #1439832 by Dave Reid and HorsePunchKid, Undefined index error 'redirect' when using redirect module.
- Mark Calendar iCal elements as deprecated.
- Update calendar template to use Date iCal instead of Calendar iCal.
- Fix broken url handling in the row plugin.
- We need to add the entity type to the calendar template name because we have duplicate fields on various entities, like timestamp and changed.
- Switch to using entity_lable() and entity_uri() in row handler.
- Issue #1284170 by benjifisher, Lots of cleanup of the iCal export and its template to be sure all day items are exported correctly.
- Issue #1346424, The calendar title got left out of the latest ical template changes.
- Issue #1371730, The Prev/Next text was missing from the year view.
- Paths in the template should use dashes not underscores.
- Issue #1438792 by johnv, Remove unneeded $GLOBALS['calendar_stripe_labels'].
- Cleanup calendar links code -- don't add to session unless populated, abort if date argument is missing.
- We don't want a title in the template.
- Issue #1393086, Make sure that links to the day view work even if the day view is not a calendar view.
- Add DEPRECATED language to default views and make sure calendar plugins only get added to base tables that have entities.
- Additional handling is needed so that revisions are handled correctly in Views.
- Rework the Date Views hooks that queue up the right fields and base tables so they work better across all types of entities.
- Get the file created date working in a calendar to be sure entity handling is right.
- Fix left over reference to calendar_node row plugin and make sure calendar default view now starts out disabled. We want people to start using the templates.
- Clean up new Calendar administration screen and move some more code from Date Tools related to removing the old calendar variables.


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