I inherited a drupal site and am maintaining it. I am learning drupal and web development the hard way..trial and error. My site is running fairly well but I want to add a page. i.e. futurefamilies.org/bocce. I have created the "bocce" directory in my pub_html directory and have created a static page. I don't understand how to make that page appear when users type in futurefamilies.org/bocce. I assume I need an index.html file but don't know how to write one. what elements do i need. Am I doing this the right way?


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There's no need to go out of your way creating external pages. It should be as simple as Create Content > select Page > scroll down to URL path settings.

That should allow you to create 'static' pages.

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that is what I thought, but when i create the page, i don't have an option to input URL path settings so I think I have something set wrong in my site configuration or I need to upgrade my version of drupal. All I have are title, body, link name, link description and type.

How do I tell what version of drupal i have and is there a fairly novice friendly instruction set for upgrading or better yet, setting up a test site to do the upgrade on and then swap out when I am certain it works?

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Go to www.yourdomain.com/CHANGELOG.txt
It will give a good indication which version your drupal installation is.

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Thank you so much! so I am on version 4.2.0. Are you aware of a step by step instruction to upgrade, possibly one that shows me how to set up a text site to use to upgrade and then upload it once I know the effect of the upgrade?

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That's about 4 years ago! I am sure there is an upgrade path, but hey the upgrade handbook only starts at 4.4:


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thanks your sir .i want to know how to create a index.html. sir i am making a web site the name of web sites is www.dhaganabozdar.ucoz.com. that's why i want to learn index.html. please tell me and help me for making this site.
thank sir