I know my title isn't that clear, let me explain that out:

I'm using an exposed filters form with 3 filters associated with it : 2 of them are 'links' type and the third's a 'checkbox" type.

Any selected links are passed in the url as variables (which is what I want),

e.g. mysite.com/mypage?link=1&link=2

But when I select another better exposed filter type (e.g. my checkbox exposed filter), the selected links are reset.

i.e. mysite.com/mypage?checkbox=1

It also happens with the dropdown menu type.


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I am getting the same behaviour. Trying to isolate where this is happening

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Ditto on the issue summary. I have 3 filters exposed; one 'links' and two 'checkboxes'. With a links filter selected, when selecting a checkbox filter the links filter is forgotten and only the checkbox is passed.

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Same here - I'm using 7.x-3.0-beta3 but looking at the above thread it seems like this hasn't been dealt with in subsequent versions or dev. Combining checkboxes with links in the BEF settings on multiple exposed filters basically breaks the filter's functionality.

Can anyone take a look at this?

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Using the links widget the filter will always "forget" it's selection as soon as you reach the views page without the filter-settings as GET parameters in the URL.

I guess this is only solvable with use of a session cookie.

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Issue queue cleanup... My apologies for taking so long to address this issue!

I'm not able to reproduce this problem using the latest version of BEF. If you're still seeing this, please reopen with specific steps to reproduce.