So, I'm trying to get Author Pane working with my Advanced Forum, as well as ImageCache_profiles in order to have well configured user avatar image sizes across my site.

However, I'm running into a problem where Author Pane/Adv Forum requires the full path for default image as opposed to Nodes/Comments which only need the file name (if file placed in sites/default/files)

For example:

In user/account settings, if I set the default image path to something like:

Default picture: sites/default/files/pictures/default.jpg

It works just fine for regular nodes and comments. The user avatar displays where it should at the top of the post. However, it causes the avatar display for Advanced Forum + Author Pane to fail, showing an image not found.

But, if I then change the user/account settings default image path to something that just shows the file name (but the image file is still stored in same place):

Default picture: default.jpg

It then works properly for Advanced Forum + Author Pane, but now fails for regulars nodes and comments.

I can't win?

I see some useful instructions for ImageCache_profiles here: - but these instructions don't work with respect to other modules which make use of the User Picture, namely the Advanced Forum and Author Pane.

Why do these modules all use different interpretations of the path for the default user picture?